With his background in law enforcement, Moore is a firm supporter of the 2nd Amendment for all responsible gun owners.  Another issue important to the candidate is ensuring that quality public education is available throughout the district, and state, and that colleges, universities, and trade schools are affordable and accessible.  

The current divisiveness in the country has also captured his attention. Working with visitors, companies, and organizations from around the country and the world has given Moore hundreds of opportunities to find common ground and create events and partnerships that cross the economic and political landscape. Moore has sponsored events such as the Run for the Wall, helped production companies film in and around the region, established Williams as the only official Nation of Patriots city, and assisted international tour companies, among many other activities.

In these and other endeavors, Moore stated that he is guided by a certain principle, “Whenever I make decisions in the public sector, and in my personal life, too, I always apply three tests: is it moral, is it legal, and is it ethical. If something passes those tests, we can move forward.”